Why am I Taller in the Morning?

Ever notice that when you get into your car at the end of the day you need to readjust the mirrors? Somehow you are not sitting as tall as you did when you got into the car in the morning. Are you shrinking?

Well, yes, in a way you are. The discs in your back are cushions of sorts and they react to pressure. After a good nights sleep lying stretched out without compression on your spine the discs are full and plump. This makes your spine a little longer and taller. Once you are up sitting, walking and vertical all day gravity takes its effect and slowly compresses those discs. As they compress they loss a bit of fluid and and become a bit narrower bringing your vertebrae closer together. Essentially you are shorter than when you started your day!

Over time our discs become "dehydrated" and are less plump and flexible. This is part of the reason that over our lifetime we may lose up to 2 inches or so. On average we begin shrinking at about age 40 and lose about a 1/4 inch per decade. If you are losing more height than that some other issues may be involved. You could be losing muscle bulk and decreased strength allowing for poor posture that can result in decreased height. Osteoporosis could also be a culprit as the bones lose density they can also compress.

So don't be surprised when you need to adjust your mirrors. It's part of standing upright all day. If you feel you are losing more than the average be sure to check in with your physician or physical therapist to be sure there are no other factors involved. Try to keep yourself active, maintain your muscle tone and strength. These will keep you standing tall. Visit RI Limb Prosthetics, Orthotics And Physical Therapy for more information or call (401) 884-9541