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We strive to empower our patients to reach their full physical potential through the skilled and hands-on treatment we provide. Through a thorough and autonomous evaluation, your physical therapist will develop a unique treatment plan specific to your physical needs and personal goals. Your treatment will combine evidence-based exercise, manual therapy skills and appropriate modality agents to abolish your pain and improve your physical ability. The experienced, creative and highly-credentialed team of physical therapists at Rhode Island Limb Company provide treatment in orthopedic, neurological, sports related, pre and post-surgical and pre and post amputation therapies.

Prosthetics | Orthotics | Physical Therapy | Cranston RI | Pawtucket RI | Middletown RO | East Greenwich RO

By utilizing our wealth of clinical knowledge, years of experience and exceptional collaborative atmosphere, our prosthetic and orthotic team will ensure your experience will be individualized to fit your personalized needs and goals, improve your quality of life and empower you to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle. We pride ourselves on providing our patients with in-depth educational resources to aid in a complete understanding of your prosthetic/orthotic services and devices. At Rhode Island Limb Company, our industry-leading technology in the field of prosthetics and orthotics and custom, in-house fabrication laboratory will facilitate your thorough and comprehensive prosthetic/orthotic experience.

What Makes Us Different?

  • One-on-One patient care treatment from your physical therapist with up to 45 minutes of un-interrupted hands-on care.
  • An emphasis on Hands-On Manual Therapy, combined with modality treatment and exercise.
  • On-going continuing education of physical therapists so that our patients can continue to be offered the latest in therapy interventions with advanced clinical skills and evidenced-based treatment.
  • An on-site working relationship with the Prosthetic and Orthotic Team to best identify and address each patient's unique needs.
  • Highly credentialed and trained physical therapists in the areas of prosthetics and orthotics, manual therapy, Graston techniques, Titleist Performance Institute (TPI for Golfers), yoga and pilates, post-operative care, gait and balance training, sports specific rehab and more.
  • A third generation owned and operated Prosthetics and Orthotics practice that has been serving citizens of RI and surrounding areas for 75 years.
  • 1st Prosthetics and Orthotics facility in RI.
  • 1st Prosthetist in RI.
  • 1st ABC accredited facility in RI.
  • 1st Master's level degree Prosthetist/Orthotist in RI.
  • 1st female Prosthetist in RI.
  • 1st NCOPE accredited Prosthetic and Orthotic facility in RI.
  • Only P&O practice to incorporate physical therapy services directly into the patient's P&O plan of care for a seamless continuum of treatment.
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Rhode Island's Leaders in
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Our MISSION at Rhode Island Limb Company Prosthetics, Orthotics and Physical Therapy is to help individuals bring the lifestyle of their dreams to fruition by achieving pain-free movement, higher level function and improved knowledge and independence in attaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

At Rhode Island Limb Company Prosthetics, Orthotics and Physical Therapy, our PURPOSE is to utilize our comprehensive clinical knowledge in combining today's state-of-the-art and innovative technology and autonomous, individualized physical therapy treatments, to enhance the lives and experiences of our patients.

While we offer physical therapy treatment to the general outpatient population and treat a vast and diverse array of conditions, we are exceptionally proud of our uniquely collaborative, dynamic relationship amongst our Physical Therapists and Prosthetists/Orthotists, to even better serve our patients. Rhode Island Limb Company is the ONLY Prosthetic and Orthotic facility in the state of Rhode Island to offer skilled physical therapy evaluations and treatments to prosthetic and orthotic patients, with the combined expertise, knowledge and clinical skills of Rhode Island's Prosthetic and Orthotic leaders in innovative technology.

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Read What Our Patients Have To Say
  • Fred

    Rhode Island Limb to me is the best place I've been to. I have been an amputee for over 30 years and have been coming here for most of that time. I couldn't ask for more.…

  • Mary

    At work I am always challenged to master new technology. Rhode Island Limb keeps me aware of the new prosthetic technology that really helps me maximize my productivity at work and my enjoyment of an active lifestyle.…

  • Mark

    After becoming an amputee 3 years ago, I was in search of someone to make my prosthetic leg. I found Rhode Island Limb. Over the past couple of years, I have gotten to know all of the staff and they make you feel like family. I wouldn't consider going anywhere else. …

  • Kristen

    Here at RI Limb, the quality of care I have received has benefited my life in so many ways. Even though I was born without my right leg, I have adapted to a very active lifestyle in swimming, competitive sports and personal training with an artificial leg.…

  • Peter

    Over thirty years ago I walked into Rhode Island Limb for the first time. I had not been satisfied with the way the other companies I'd dealt with made my previous legs. I now walk on a dynamic response foot. I can do just about anything.…