History of Rhode Island Limb Prosthetics,
Orthotics and Physical Therapy

Rhode Island Limb Prosthetics, Orthotics and Physical Therapy is a 3rd generation family practice. We use our comprehensive clinical knowledge to combine today’s state-of-the-art and innovative technology with our family values and experience.

The Early days of Rhode Island Limb Prosthetics, Orthotics & Physical Therapy

1959 Providence Journal photo

1959 Providence Journal Article

The soldier returned home with a Purple Heart, an artificial leg, and a great deal of shattered confidence.

He faced the problem of earning a living. His former job as a roofer and tinsmith was out. One day in 1949 he dropped into the Rhode Island Artificial Limb Co. in Providence for repairs to his leg.

The company makes, and fits, artificial legs and teaches amputees how to wear them. Mr. Teoli was offered on-the-job training in the business. Four years later he bought a 50 percent share. Last June he bought the entire business.

Now the disabled veteran is head of his own artificial limb shop in Rhode Island, servicing about 800 to 900 amputees a year.

Among the other things he brought home with him from the service was a second lieutenant.

K and A Teoli

The officer was his nurse, Kathleen. Mr. Teoli was her first patient at the hospital. The private first class married her at Fort Belvoir, VA.

The company holds contracts with the Veterans Administration and the state Department of Education vocational rehabilitation department.

"Artificial legs are a wonderful substitute, but they're nothing like your own, no more than false teeth," he said. "In this business you're close to your customers. They get to depend on you."

The Next Generation

Three Generations

In the early 1970's, Albert and Kathleen’s son, William, graduated from New York University with his degree in Prosthetics. He became a Certified Prosthetist and continued growing the family practice. William (Bill) Teoli, CP, moved the family business up the street to the current Cranston location at 1559 Elmwood Avenue. The company soon became Rhode Island Limb Company in which he owned and operated for the next several decades. William married Elaine and had three children; Jonathan, Courtney and Danielle.

The Third Generation Practitioner

In 2003, Jonathan Teoli, MSPO, CPO completed his Prosthetic and Orthotic education and returned to Rhode Island to complete his residencies and join his father in practicing at Rhode Island Limb Company. After years of learning the clinical and business aspects of running the family practice, Jonathan purchased Rhode Island Limb Company and continues to grow and expand on the 75 years of exceptional service and exemplary reputation of the practice.

Rehabilitation Expansion

In late 2017, Rhode Island Limb Company purchased TruCare Physical Therapy practice in East Greenwich. After the acquisition, Rhode Island Limb Company became Rhode Island Limb Prosthetics, Orthotics and Physical Therapy. The rehabilitation sector is managed by Courtney Murray, DPT, who is an integral part of the Rhode Island Limb Prosthetics, Orthotic and Physical Therapy team. Courtney is the granddaughter of the late Albert P. Teoli, daughter of William and sister of Jonathan Teoli. She is a doctor of Physical Therapy and has been practicing in Rhode Island for the last decade.