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"I have been a patient at RI Limb for over thirty years. After losing a leg in Vietnam, I was able to pursue my career as a teacher. In late September 2000, I lost my other leg. RI Limb fitted me with the prostheses I needed to finish my teaching career and continue to play golf. Now, I use my knowledge and experience to help others who may be facing the trauma of an amputation fulfill an active and productive life."

Robert Larkin – Bilateral Below Knee Amputee

“Rhode Island Limb to me is the best place I’ve been to. I have been an amputee for over 30 years and have been coming here for most of that time. I have the new Proprio foot, which reacts like a real foot. I am very happy with the service here. If I have a problem it is taken care of right away. I couldn’t ask for more. The people here are great and they feel like family to me."

Fred Brady – Below the Knee Amputee for over 30 years

Mary Katherine Maxwell

"At work I am always challenged to master new technology. Rhode Island Limb keeps me aware of the new prosthetic technology that really helps me maximize my productivity at work and my enjoyment of an active lifestyle."

Mary Katherine Maxwell wears a myoelectric below elbow prosthesis and is involved in many recreational outdoor activities.

Mary Katherine Maxwell – Congenital Below Elbow Amputee

Mark Curly

"After becoming an amputee 3 years ago, I was in search of someone to make my prosthetic leg. I found Rhode Island Limb. At our first meeting I met Mary at the front desk, who gives you a huge smile and a welcome. I then met Jonathan. He was very down to earth and professional. Over the past couple of years, I have gotten to know all of the staff and they make you feel like family. I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else. They have made some unique prosthetic limbs for me and have gotten me back on my feet."

Mark Curly – Below the Knee Amputee

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"Here at RI Limb, the quality of care I have received has benefited my life in so many ways. Even though I was born without my right leg, I have adapted to a very active lifestyle in swimming, competitive sports and personal training with an artificial leg, which has increased my need and desire for a specific prosthesis. The staff at RI Limb has provided me with prostheses correlating with the various activities I undertake on a daily basis. I am happy I am able to continue to work full-time and do the activities I love to do. Having a prosthesis is all I have ever known, and many times I forget I even have one."

Kristen Waters – Congenital Below Knee Amputee, Patient Advocate, ACA Certified Peer Visitor

"Over thirty years ago I walked into Rhode Island Limb for the first time. I had not been satisfied with the way the other companies I'd dealt with made my previous legs. When I met with Bill Teoli, he noticed the way I was walking and commented that my current leg was not made correctly for me. After we talked for some time, he explained how he custom designs legs to fit individual needs. I now know I made the right decision the day I walked into RI Limb."

Arthur "Chuck" Medeiros is a long-haul trucker.

Chuck Medeiros – Below Knee Amputee

"I have been coming to RI Limb since 1974. I am a below the knee amputee. In 1976 and 1978 I decided to try two major limb companies operating out of Boston, Massachusetts, but I returned to RI Limb in 1979. At RI Limb I found that I was treated on a more personal level. I now walk on a dynamic response foot. I can do just about anything. I have been coming here for over 30 years and could not be happier with the products or service."

Peter Blais – Below Knee Amputee