Spine Health

Back pain and neck pain are among the top reasons patients seek medical attention, through doctor's visits, physical therapy treatment and surgery. Common issues include scoliosis, fractures, migraines and chronic headaches, whiplash, muscle strains and spasms, and postural related muscle imbalances. Furthermore, issues related to a back or neck injury, including disc involvement and degenerative changes can often cause radicular symptoms - numbness, weakness or pain down an arm or a leg. These symptoms are usually severe and come on quickly, causing the patient significant disability and oftentimes panic.

Early Physical Therapy intervention is most beneficial in minimizing these symptoms right away. Our staff of Physical Therapists use a combination of modality treatment to reduce inflammation, pain and muscle spasms, and manual techniques to restore pain-free mobility. Once the patient's acute symptoms have been resolved, our Physical Therapists begin the strengthening stage, addressing muscle imbalances, core strength and lower extremity muscle tightness, to prevent future occurrences.