Physical Therapy

We offer physical therapy treatment in four locations throughout the state of Rhode Island. Treatments are individualized and one-on-one and commonly include a combination of manual therapy, evidence based exercise and modality treatments to meet the patients' unique goals. Our staff of Physical Therapists work closely with the Prosthetic and Orthotic Team to best identify and address each patient's needs.

Our Physical Therapists have been extensively trained and educated in a wide variety of techniques which are implemented in our treatment plans including:

  • Post-operative Management and Mobilization
  • Core Strengthening and Spinal Stabilization with a Pilates-specific Foundation
  • Postural Re-Education, and Restoration of Normal Movement
  • Shoulder Complex Mobilization and Strengthening (Post-operative or otherwise involved, including "Frozen Shoulder")
  • Balance and Proprioceptive Training and Re-education
  • Sports-Specific Agility-based, Performance-Based Endurance and Interval Training
  • Neuromuscular Education and Training
  • Progressive Resisted and Body-weight Resisted Global and Body-part Specific Strengthening Exercises
  • Manual Therapy, Including Graston Techniques
  • Pelvic Floor Treatment (Re-education and Strengthening for men and women)
  • Prenatal and Postnatal Care