Manual Therapy and Graston Techniques

There must first be MOBILITY before there can be trained STABILITY. This means that before an area of the body can be STRENGTHENED, it must be MOBILE!

Rhode Island Limb Company Physical Therapists utilize highly specialized, and specific manual techniques to reduce soft tissue tightness and restrictions, to improve joint mobility, to minimize scar tissue development and adherence and to reduce pain. Manual techniques are performed to improve freedom of movement, quality of movement and normalcy of movement at many areas in the body including the spine (neck and back), pelvis, ribs, shoulder, knee, elbow, wrists, and ankles. Manual techniques include joint mobilizations, manual/passive stretching, myofascial soft tissue mobilization, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, manual resisted exercises, and neuromuscular education through the application of manual resistance.

Manual Therapy and the Spine

Manual techniques are very effective in addressing spinal issues including acute and chronic pain. Your physical therapist is highly educated in the ways in which your spine moves, and how to restore pain-free movement once injury has occurred.

Graston Techniques

Graston techniques are highly effective instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization techniques designed to improve tissue mobility, circulation and muscle recruitment. Our facilities offer Graston techniques as a means of addressing soft tissue restrictions in our patients. Graston techniques have become highly sought after by the athlete population due to the potential to more aggressively target involved tissues. However, Graston techniques are appropriate for a diverse population due to the excellent results they yield when applied by skilled hands.

Kinesio Tape

Kinesio tape refers to the application of tape to a patient/s or athlete's body to address an impairment. Kinesio tape has been found to inhibit abnormal movement and to facilitate normal, pain-free movement. It has been found to reduce pain and inflammation and to restore normal circulation to the involved or injured area of the body. Our therapists can help you by applying Kinesio tape as part of your comprehensive treatment.