Chronic Pain

Individuals who live with chronic pain often fall victim to developing additional health complications, due to their difficulty moving because of discomfort, and oftentimes fear. While physical therapy may not be able to completely abolish all pain, maintaining a lifestyle that is as active as possible is most important to maintaining physical health, mental and emotional well-being and a social life. Our compassionate and skilled Physical Therapists can guide you through an appropriate exercise program and can utilize modalities and manual therapy when appropriate, as your symptoms change.

Your Physical Therapist is aware that chronic pain can be exacerbated by certain exercises, changes in the weather, hormonal changes and even emotional changes or events in your life. You can be confident that your Physical Therapist has the education and knowledge to safely navigate you through a customized exercise program, with your specific goals in mind. Chronic pain CAN be managed so that you can continue to be an active participant in your life!