Self Assessment Yoga Style

Thanks for checking out our second post on Posture in the month of May.  Last week we told you what "optimal posture" would look like.  Today's article incorporates some self mobility, assessment and awareness to work on correcting your posture by sensing were you are in space.  Let us know how it feels when you get your self "stacked up right" (or is it "upright"!!!)

Standing Postural Assessment 2:

You can also check your posture by bringing awareness to your body. Give it a try on your own, or come see Erin at our yoga classes Tuesday at 8 AM or Thursday at 7:30 PM.

Moving up, stack your knees directly over your ankles. Then hips over your knees. Check in!

  • Do you have equal weight on each leg? 
  • Are you able keep muscles relaxed along the front and back of your legs?

Now, bring your attention to your tailbone and pelvis. Your center of gravity is located here. Tip your pelvis forward and backward a few times. Then, settle so your tailbone is pointing down towards the floor directly between your feet and your belly is tightened slightly like you are zipping up a pair of pants.

Continue by moving your attention up your spine stacking each vertebrae on top of one another. Now, turn your attention to your rib cage, gently rock forward and back a few times to feel gravity pull you in each direction.

  • Settle in the middle so your rib cage is stacked over your hips and you feel like your rib cage is floating effortlessly over your abdomen.

Bring your attention to your shoulders. Shift your shoulder blades up and down, forward and back, then in circles. Settle with your palms facing forward, your shoulder blades gently pinching and your chest opening.

Now move your attention up your neck, one segment at a time until you get to the base of your head. Gently tuck your chin so the crown of your head is reaching towards the ceiling and the base of your head is gently resting on the top of your neck.

Imagine yourself being pulled from the crown of the head along that "plumb line"  that we discussed in the previous post.

  • Lengthen out your body, reversing the effects of gravity. Stand tall and feel what it is like to draw awareness to your posture.

As always we hope the information is helpful in your daily pursuit of good health and improvements in mobility.