Golfer’s Body

Preparing your Golfer’s Body

The greens are finally warming up and though many of you probably were able to play through the winter, we will soon be experiencing some awesome sunshining golf days. Shouldn’t you tune up your best piece of sporting equipment? No -- not getting new grips on your clubs or buffing your shoes! I’m talking about the true piece of equipment that will provide the longer drive or more precise putt... your Golfer’s Body!

Considering that you must be fit enough to be on the course for several hours and bend, twist, rotate and squat, what will you do before getting back on the course. Some things to consider are flexibility, strength and balance.

Since the distance you hit the ball depends on the rotation of your trunk and the ability to shift your weight from back to front as you swing it makes sense to work on flexibility of the legs, hips back and shoulders to allow more range in which to develop your swing speed.

But what good is all that motion if you have no control of it?  You need to work on core strength and balance too. What does this mean?  You can do some basic exercises that target the muscles you use to swing your club with better rotation, control and speed.

Here is a great resource for golf related exercises: Take a look and see how easily you can get your Golfer’s Body back in great form.

On top of improving your swing, game and hopefully bragging rights you may well avoid back, hip and knee pain/injury, golfers elbow, rotator cuff issues and many other maladies.

So try a few exercises, get your mobility and strength working for you. Then go on out there and hit em straight and far. If you need more help head to and set up screening to get more help.